Research Support Services

  • Target Population Profiles
  • Issue-specific or service-specific research
  • Literature Reviews
  • Survey Design
  • Needs Assessment Studies
  • Project Evaluation
  • Proposal Writing/Editing
  • Report Writing/Editing

Capacity Building services for Non-Profits

  • Organizational improvement and evaluation seminars
  • Provision of affordable office space
  • Incorporation
  • Proposal development
  • Preparation for meetings with funders
  • Board Management: recruitment, training, etc.
  • Strategic planning
  • Service planning: target population profiles, needs assessment studies, consultation on existing servies, potential partners and funders
  • Non-Profit Management 101: A 14-Module Training Program for New Non-Profit Agencies

Financial Development Services

  • Fiscal Sponsorship
  • Human Resources Management (mainly payroll and benefits package)
  • Project Management
  • Bookkeeping and financial audit
  • Liaison and advocacy with funders
  • Financial Management: Information about legal obligations of non-profits; referrals to accountants and auditors
  • Relationship with funders: preparation for meeting with funders; working with funders on behalf of agency/groups
  • Proposal writing

Recruitment & Staffing Services

We offer sector-specific recruitment & staffing services for specialized skills. We endeavor to make the recruitment and candidate on-boarding process as smooth as possible for you and your team and source the best talent in the industry. One of our experienced recruiter will respond to your company’s specific hiring requirements with tailored recruitment services. We operate in alliances with reputed partners across the globe bringing international talents.

We specialize in employing candidates in the following sectors:

  • Non-Profit Sectors
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Energy

Interpretation Services

The interpreter attends the appointment in person, and conveys the message after each utterance in short sentences. This is suitable for physical meeting in small group or one-on-one. The interpreter will be physically present during the meeting and will interpret verbatim. The In-person assignment should be pre-scheduled.
The interpreter connects with both the parties over phone and conveys the message in short sentences. Remote telephone Interpretation is more convenient than in person interpretation as it removes the limitation of geography. Phone interpreting assignments may be immediate or pre-scheduled.
The interpreter connects with both the parties via video and maintains a visual connection between parties. Like the telephone interpreting, video interpreting is also convenient as it removes the geographical limitation, but still maintains a visual connection between parties. video assignments can be pre-scheduled.
The interpreter conveys a brief message to the listening party which has been provided by our client. The interpreter will also relay information from the listening party back to the requesting client.
Our accredited/certified interpreters will attend court proceedings, tribunal hearings, depositions, etc for interpretation. We will send a qualified legal interpreter when court accreditation is not available and we will disclose their qualification.